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Improve Your Bottom Line by Outsourcing Your Transactional Finance

Keeping your Finance Department adequately resourced is hard. Low uptime, missed reporting deadlines, and staff absenteeism all contribute to the headaches of running a Finance Department effectively. We aim to make this easier. Here at BRISCA we specialise in handling your Transactional Finance function to allow you to do what you do best; Strategise. No more missed deadlines, 100% uptime, and continuity regardless of staff absenteeism.
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We Tailor Our Staffing Solutions To Your Financial Departments Systems and Processes.

We understand your Finance Department is complex. This is why our staff are trained specifically to work in with your existing systems and processes. We don’t rebuild your Finance Department, we complement it.

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Intimate knowledge of how finance departments run

We are the recognised offshoring solution to our intimate knowledge of how finance departments run, and due to the fact, we have onshore support available for your business as well. We understand the output pressure finance departments are under and know that a viable solution is only possible with Offshore Support. Our clients tell us we are a crucial partner and a cost-effective extension of their team.

About Us

Founded by Sumith Dissanayake and Olu Jayasooriya in 2014, BRISCA was born to help companies run a more effective Finance Department, offset the risk of Staff Absenteeism, and develop the confidence to be able to grow and scale.

After working as CFO’s at various companies during their career, the founding team are intimately aware of the challenges and frustrations that accompany such a role.

We recognise that business in Australia is changing. No longer can financial departments run with enormous labour costs, less than 100% uptime, and the never ending stress that comes with ensuring financial reports are submitted on time.

From this point it was clear that offshoring was the only feasible option to provide enough human resource to execute the Transactional Finance function within growing companies.

We currently have 2 offices (Brisbane and Colombo), with plans to open more in the coming years.

Brisca has allowed us to secure the recurring activities inherent in an efficient finance function. There is no risk of staff absenteeism compromising deadlines. Brisca has, in turn, enabled our staff the time to critically assess all activities being performed.

Adam Woollard

Group CFO — The Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers

We have achieved 100% uptime with the assistance of the team at BRISCA and have been very impressed with their ability to adapt to our accounting systems. Thank you BRISCA, you are very important to our business’ success.

Gary Gipp

Managing Director — TPC Finance

Charter Partners (Accountants) have been using Brisca for many months now and find them very professional and open to feedback. We moved tax/accounting/pm software and Brisca has been instrumental in assisting with that transition…highly recommend their services

Anthony McPhee

Managing Partner — Charter Partners
The People

Our Management Team

Sumith Dissanayake
Managing Director
CPA, ACA ,ACMA ,BSc Business Administration (Finance) ,MBA

Sumith is a senior finance professional with over sixteen years of commercial accounting experience in varied industry sectors both in Sri Lanka and Australia.

Sumith is passionate about reinventing how businesses could combine the latest technology, uprising global talent pool and local resources to gain a competitive advantage for their companies.

Olu Jayasooriya
ACA, BSc Management Special Hons, MBA (Finance)

Olu is a Chartered Accountant with over sixteen years of experience spanning the entire gamut of Finance, including Business Finance, Controllership, Global Compliances, Taxation, Treasury, Risk Management, Strategic Initiatives, and Legal and Secretarial Duties.

Olu loves working with young and dynamic teams to deliver accurate, consistent and cost-effective accounting solutions for clients.

Neil Parker
FCA, MAICD, Registered Tax Agent

Neil consults to a broad range of small and medium businesses within the private sector in Australia on the matters of strategy, growth and performance. Neil has extensive experience in the accounting profession and holds or has held numerous Board and Advisory Board roles.

Neil is currently the Managing Director of BridgePoint Group in Sydney, a professional services firm he founded in 2011. Neil donates his time to act as a Director of the Gift of Life Foundation Ltd. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Registered Tax Agent.


Our team are fully qualified accountants who have been specifically trained in Australian standards and procedures. We hire based on strong communication skills, and have members of our founding team working from our Colombo office at all times.

password protected software systems such as LastPass to prevent impromptu access to your accounts. Our offices do not contain any recording devices and staff are forbidden from bringing any in (such as phones, cameras). Your data can only be accessed from within our physical offices by our staff members and we work from your domain so all activity can be tracked by you.

Our onshore team work closely with you to identify your finance departments processes and procedures. Through this process we have always found ways to offshore most or all of our clients Transactional Finance functions. As previous CFO’s ourselves, our entire business model is built on our intimate knowledge of Finance Departments, and was designed intentionally to allow offshoring.




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