Accounts Receivable

Make your working capital work for you

Whether you need to reconceive your entire accounts receivable function or simply want to improve on existing policies, the process begins by understanding your current state and conducting a gap analysis to determine how your performance compares to industry peers, competitors and best practices. From there, you can identify the steps you need to take to close those gaps. 

Customer Credit Approval

Implement clear and concise policies for issuing credit and recovering debt in a timely fashion.

Customer Master Data

Having policies ensures that the terms are accurately reflected in your billing and collection systems.

Invoicing and Billing

Establish an automated billing process to ensure that accurate invoices are sent on a timely basis.

Manage Cash Application

Track payments as they come in to differentiate, which accounts are up-to-date and which are outstanding.

Collect your Revenues

Take a proactive approach by setting up a robust accounting process that ensures receivables are collected on time.


Optimize your cash flows and working capital

Given the cost of new capital, no business can afford to let their existing capital go to waste. However, some businesses don’t realise how much cash is trapped on their own balance sheets. Freeing up cash by optimising working capital delivers more than just improved operational efficiency. It can also give your business the added liquidity it needs to fund growth, reduce debt levels, lower costs, maximise shareholder returns and even outperform competitors.


Most businesses have formal accounts receivable policies that dictate when to bill, how much to bill and when to collect. Unfortunately, not all businesses enforce those policies effectively which is where Brisca can help.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Track Uncollected Profits


Improved Cash Flow Management

Enhance Customer Experience

Collect Payments On Time

Invest in people and processes to achieve real results.

The Brisca team is fully trained to Australian accounting standards and has experience working with accounting software such as MYOB, Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, ERP Systems and more. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds in Finance, Economics, Business and Accounting.

In addition, we hold the certification for ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management. That means your data and information are handled per the data security framework outlined in ISO/IEC 27001. 

Skills and Qualifications


To effectively identify Accounts Receivable opportunities and determine the right course of action, please read through our most frequently asked questions.

The Accounts Receivable staff typically report to the Finance Team, Accounts Receivable Manager or Finance Manager. However, it is up to you to decide who the staff member will report to.

The Brisca team has experience working with accounting software such as MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Oracle, Odoo, Fathom, Pronto Software and SAP, just to name a few. 

The Accounts Receivable process plays a critical role because it delivers cash into the business. This is done via invoicing and collecting payments for goods or services sold.The purpose of this business process is to bring cash into the business before invoices are past due.  This, in turn, provides healthy cash flow to support business growth and profitability.

Offloading your Accounts Receivable system can represent significant cost savings. At Brisca, we offer a simple monthly fee to help you reduce your overheads and focus on growing your business.  Get in touch to see how we can help take your business to the next level.

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