Ben Mannion, CEO of Queensland Touch Football

In this episode, we explore Ben’s career and how he came became CEO of Queensland Touch Football.

Now the CEO of Queensland Touch, Ben talks us through his story that got him to this point. It involves many ups but also some difficult periods that were shared with raw honesty.

First becoming a Managing Director at 30 years old, Ben demonstrates strong business acumen and a keen eye for progress.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Amanda Campbell.

1:50 Can you tell us a little bit about Queensland Touch Football?

3:55 How did you grow through the banking system?

5:45 When did you decide to leave banking?

8:10 Was there a big difference between the UK financial world and the Australian financial world?

14:35 How did you develop your management style?

18:15 How did you stay in business during the GFC?

23:50 How difficult was it when you signed with the Newcastle Jets?

27:55 How did you get to work in the Commonwealth Games?

40:20 Do you think people are starting to recognise sporting bodies as commercial organisations?

41:35 How are you developing your team?

43:50 Do you currently have a mentor?

46:10 Did the numbers or the ability to build relationships contribute more to your career?

50:30 What would be the standout learning you had when you moved into the c-suite?


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