In Conversation With Brad Sheahon, Head of Finance at Cromwell Property Group

Today we are talking to Brad Sheahon, Head Of Finance at Cromwell Property Group.

Hailing from New Zealand, he had nomadic parents and went to many different schools when he was young. It was interesting to hear how this set a foundation for the rest of his career.

He shares stories around navigating the GFC in London, where the effects were felt even heavier than in Australia.

We talk about the difference between management and being a technician, and how you can go about approaching both.

Brad believes that diversity of thought and different perspectives are great for business outcomes, so we talk extensively about how you can use diverse teams to get a better result for your organisation.

Like in every episode, leadership is discussed at length.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:20 What is Cromwell Property Group?

3:10 How did you get the Head of Finance role?

5:45 Where are you from?

10:00 How did the GFC affect you?

15:00 Did working abroad in London help your career?

18:00 When did you realise that diversity of thought was so important?

22:00 At what point during your career did you start noticing good and bad leadership?

27:30 How do you create an environment where staff will be honest with you?

30:30 How do you make it ok for your staff to fail?

32:15 When did you start managing people?

34:05 Have you ever considered doing anything else during your career?

39:45 How did you develop your leadership philosophy?

41:35 What is your approach to leading teams of different sizes?


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