In Conversation with Andrew Job, CEO of PlotLogic

We have another great guest on the podcast today, Andrew Job, the CEO of PlotLogic.

A veteran of the mining industry, Andrew is an accomplished professional, and now a high growth business owner.

Andrew talks us through his career in which he got into leadership positions at an age much younger than most.

A humble talented individual, Andrew is one of the first guests we have spoken to who has remained in one industry. He shares his insights into what that has meant for him.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

1:40 What does PlotLogic do?

3:10 How long did it take you to decide to start the company?

6:20 Do you remember the moment you decided you were going to start the company?

12:20 Where did you grow up?

14:50 How young were you when you knew you wanted to go into Engineering?

18:50 How do you deal with the stigma around the mining industry?

23:40 How did you get your first job?

25:50 How did you get a mentor?

36:05 What was your second job?

47:20 Was leadership something you learned or came naturally to you?

1:01:35 How long before you got revenue?

1:06:15 How do your days look?

1:11:05 What advice would you give someone who is early on in their career?


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