In Conversation with Ben Flintoff, COO of QTM Energy

Today we are speaking to Ben Flintoff, COO of QTM Energy

Having just moved on from a successful tenure as GM of Baskin Robbins, a well known brand, Ben speaks about why he made the move into a completely different industry and what to think about if others are thinking of doing the same.

It might appear like an unusual decision on the surface but we take the time to really unpack what it’s like to make a big change after you are already established in your career.

We also speak about:

– How important it is to build strong relationships over time.
– How he made a difficult decision to repeat a year at school when he was younger.
– What others can learn from his self described ‘Canada Moment’ and what that means for communication styles.
– The importance of Agitators in a team.
– What his thoughts are on recruiting people.
– All his thoughts on leadership.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:10 What is QTM Energy?

6:55 What role did you come from to enter this space?

9:25 How did you make the decision to make a large jump late in your career?

11:50 Making a big change late in your career, do you feel you are starting from a low point?

14:30 Were you able to use your network when you have moved jobs or does a new brand make it harder?

18:55 When did you realise that you were a relationship person?

21:10 When did it occur to you that you wanted to be a leader?

27:20 When did you decide to go wide instead of deep?

43:20 What do you think is very important to leadership?

54:45 What do you look for when recruiting people?

1:00:25 What do the next 5 years look like for you?

1:06:00 What parting leadership advice would you have?


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