In Conversation with Dr Andre van Zyl, Regional Director at The CFO Centre Queensland

Today’s guest is Dr Andre van Zyl, Regional Director at The CFO Centre, Queensland.

Growing up in South Africa, Dr Andre talks about how the leadership lessons he learned from his time in the military helped shape his career.

He then speaks about his move to Australia after having built a career in another country, we speak about the adjustment period that followed.

With his work at The CFO Centre, Dr Andre explains how CFO’s can transition into a portfolio career from a corporate career and what they should expect when doing so.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Amanda Campbell.

2:20 What is the CFO Centre?

4:10 Where did your journey begin?

7:20 What inspired you to move from education to the corporate world?

9:50 What made you start your own business?

11:20 How did you balance entrepreneurship with practicality?

14:45 When did you move to Australia?

16:50 What were your professional goals when you arrived in Australia?

19:50 How long did you spend in the education system in Australia?

22:05 CFO’s are known for their rigidity. Can soft skills be taught?

26:35 How do you help CFO’s transition into a portfolio career?

35:05 What are the pivotal moments of your career?

38:00 How important was mentoring for you?

45:40 What do the next 2-3 years look like for you?


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