In Conversation with Dr Glen Richards, Investor and Director at The Richards Group

Today’s guest is Dr Glen Richards, Investor and Director of The Richards Group, Ex-CEO of Greencross, and an investor on Shark Tank Australia from Season 2 – 4.

He chatted to us about all things entrepreneurship and leadership.

As you can imagine, Glen is a wealth of knowledge and was very generous with the insights he shared and the stories he told on this episode.

We talk about:

– What life is like after Shark Tank
– How his companies did during Covid.
– His thoughts on the Great Resignation.
– In what ways employers are on notice, and what employees need from their workplaces.
– What he needs to see in an entrepreneur to invest in them.
– His own transformation into a leader and the 2 specific moments in his life that ignited that transformation.
– The value of the Rockefeller Habits and why he has been using them for years.
– How leaders can develop themselves.
– What he thinks about the current state of leadership in Australia.
– What advice Glen has for young people coming through the ranks now.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:10 What are you up to these days?

4:00 How has life been since Shark Tank?

7:50 How was Covid for you and your companies?

15:10 How has your leadership philosophy evolved over time?

17:20 What do you look for in the entrepreneurs that you invest in?

21:25 How common do you think poor business leaders are?

24:00 How did you transform yourself into a leader?

31:20 How often do you get positive feedback as a leader?

36:00 Are there ways in which you develop your leadership teams?

43:50 What do you think about the leadership around the country right now?

50:20 Do you think that people are doing their best work when you do enormous hours?

58:45 Will you be back on TV anytime soon?

59:50 What advice would you give to younger people looking to get into leadership?


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