In Conversation with Duncan McHugh, Head of Finance at Nutrition Warehouse

On this episode we are speaking to Duncan McHugh, Head of Finance at Nutrition Warehouse, and Co-Founder of One More Rep.

Duncan’s story is one of loyalty. Having a Dad who worked as a CFO for the theme parks on the Gold Coast for 25 years, Duncan is someone who didn’t find it strange to stay in roles for 10 years.

We also talk about:

– How he spent time in a remote town in Northern Queensland early in his career.
– What it has been like to start his own Accounting Firm.
– What it means to ‘manage up’
– How he managed Covid as a leader at Nutrition Warehouse.

Another great episode with a great guest.

In other news, Books To The Boardroom just got announced as one of the top 25 Australian Accounting Podcasts.

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This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:10 Where are you currently working?

3:05 What gave you the idea to start One More Rep?

5:55 What got you interested in working in Finance?

8:50 What was your first job?

11:20 How would you describe the year that you spent working in a remote town?

14:35 Did you enjoy your work as an Accountant?

21:10 What is a situation in which you had to ‘Manage Up?’

26:40 Is there a reason you stayed in a role for 10 years?

33:10 What did you assume about starting an Accounting Firm? What was it like?

45:20 How do you lead a team through challenging times?

49:00 What are your goals for the future?


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