In Conversation with Jason Titman, Managing Director of Integr8

In this episode, we explore Jason’s career and how he came became Managing Director of Integr8.

Throughout this episode, we explore the ups and downs of Jason’s various business ventures, and what he thinks is integral to a startup or small business to succeed.

A true critical thinker, Jason shares his views on how Australia should embrace technology, and what his time spent on various boards has taught him.

This is a great discussion, full of interesting stories, and adventures.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Nathan Smith.

4:20 Do you find yourself sometimes burning the candle at both ends?

5:10 Can you tell us a bit about what you are doing with your time at the moment?

6:15 How have the businesses you are involved with been impacted by Covid-19?

10:25 Were there any projects that you had to put on hold due to Covid-19?

11:50 25 years ago, you started work as an Accountant, can you tell us a bit about that?

33:00 When did you decide to move away from Hotels?

45:40 What has your approach been to advancing your career?

50:30 What is next for you?


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