In Conversation with Jeremy Stewart, CEO and Managing Director of Trade Tools

In this episode, we are speaking to Jeremy Stewart, CEO and Managing Director at Trade Tools.

Jeremy is a very committed individual and has spent most of his working life at Trade Tools. As you know that is quite rare to see these days.

We cover:

– His stint in Film and Television and why he stopped pursuing that.
– How an unfortunate incident prevented him from entering the airforce.
– The way his leadership and management skills have developed over time.
– How he filled knowledge gaps midway through his career.
– What it was like to start a Saas Company from scratch.
– How he aims to take Trade Tools into the future.

And Much More

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:10 What does Trade Tools do?

3:00 What is the difference between a Managing Director and CEO?

4:40 What does your day to day look like?

5:30 When did you first start working at Trade Tools?

10:10 How long did you persevere with the Film and Television Industry?

10:45 What was your first career choice?

14:00 How did you develop gratitude after your accident?

15:45 What were your communication skills like when you were young?

18:15 What was the jump into sales like for you?

20:00 What do you do when you don’t know what the answer is?

24:10 Were your soft skills strong when you were young?

28:50 How did you transition from a relief manager to a store manager?

30:15 How did you transition into leadership?

41:00 Can you talk about your experience founding a Saas startup?

44:00 When did you realise that you wanted to be a CEO?

50:55 What does the future of Trade Tools look like?

51:45 Were you affected by Covid?


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