In Conversation With Kylie Sheather, Director of Finance Business Partnering at Technology One

Today we are talking to Kylie Sheather, Director of Finance Business Partnering at Technology One.

Kylie’s story is one of trusting your gut, going your own way, and making decisions for yourself.

She didn’t go to London like most people on the podcast have done before and doesn’t have an audit background but has still become a highly competent professional in her field.

We talk about:

– How she was impacted professionally by the QLD Floods.
– What it’s like to get a call at 2am in the morning needing to deal with a safety incident.
– What it means to have a seat at the table and why it’s important.
– What her leadership philosophy entails and how she became the leader she is today.
– And how important it is to try things even if you feel you aren’t quite ready.

A great discussion with a talented professional.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:15 What is Technology One?

4:20 Do you get a certain reaction when you people learn you work for Technology One?

5:55 What made you want to work with Technology One?

10:00 What got you into Finance in the first place?

15:05 What was your first job?

19:45 Were you a strategic person when you were young?

23:15 Why leave Canberra?

25:30 Did you enjoy being an internal resource or an outsourced resource more?

32:10 What is a significant experience you can remember from your career?

40:00 When did you first begin to start to lead others?

43:35 How did you decide what traits you wanted to incorporate as a leader?

44:40 What is having a seat at the table like for you?

49:50 What makes you choose to move on from a role?

54:40 Have you always trusted your gut?

57:40 Are you happy that you worked with companies that were really difficult to work in?

58:50 What does the future hold for you?

1:01:00 What would be your advice for someone who is early in their career?


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