In Conversation with Mark Tobin, CEO of Followmont

Today’s guest is Mark Tobin, CEO of Followmont.

Followmont is a Family Business in the Transport industry, and Mark shares some of the effects Covid had on Transport.

He talks about how he communicated with his team throughout Covid and lead the business through the pandemic.

Mark talks about how talent is moving in Australia and how he has built and kept the best quality team regardless.

This episode involves an extensive discussion about how to surround yourself with the right people to achieve the best outcome, and of course we speak about Mark’s philosophy on leadership.

One story in particular highlights Mark’s ability to get a point across when he was in a boardroom full of staff members. Look out for that towards the end of the episode.

This is a great discussion, with a great guest.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:20 What is Followmont all about?

3:40 How did your company deal with Covid?

8:55 Was it obvious to you that you must stay calm at the start of the pandemic?

12:10 How long have you been at the company for?

17:15 How do you approach hiring people?

21:35 Can you remember what happened to make you start to think long term?

23:45 Did you have any aspirations to be CEO when you were younger?

24:50 What was your progress from entry level to CEO?

25:50 Do you think leaders are born or can be built?

26:45 What do you do around continuing the development of your leadership skills?

29:10 Can you tell us the story of putting your shoes on the boardroom table?

35:35 What is the plan for Followmont going forward?

38:50 What advice would you give yourself back in your early years?


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