In Conversation With Matt Hudson, Associate Director of SV Partners

Today’s guest is Matthew Hudson, Associate Director and Shareholder of SV Partners

Matt has built quite a reputation on Linkedin amassing 15,000 followers and posting most days.

He is someone who is passionate about insolvency and often speaks out for the industry.

This episode will give you an idea of why he is the perfect person to do this.

We speak about:

– What song plays when he receives awards.
– How he built his Linkedin following.
– How he has built his confidence as an introvert.
– The challenges of working in insolvency, specifically challenges around dealing with government and people winding up their companies.
– How passionate he is about Director’s understanding their duties.
– What books he has read that have changed his entire perspective on his career.
– How he deals with office politics.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:40 How did you become so popular on Linkedin?

6:40 What benefits have you noticed from building your brand on Linkedin?

15:50 What is insolvency and what does an insolvency Accountant do?

20:30 Why does insolvency have a bad name?

27:50 Have you ever questioned your career choice to be in insolvency?

39:00 What books do you turn to when you have challenges?

44:10 How do you find dealing with office politics?

52:55 What have you got planned for the future?


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