In Conversation with Pierre De Villiers, Partner at CFO on Call

Today’s guest is Pierre De Villiers, Partner at CFO on Call, and CEO of Your Profit Xpert.

In this episode, we discuss Pierre’s career which included living in South Africa, New Zealand, and now Australia. It is intriguing to hear his perspective on how you can transfer skills across countries, his observations around different cultures, and what stays the same no matter what country you are in.

We spend time talking about:

– Why you shouldn’t discount products
– The role of Finance in Business
– Why he stepped out of Finance and began Shark Diving.
– The importance of Finance People having experiences outside of the P & L, and the Balance Sheet.
– Decision Making and understanding the consequences of those decisions.
– Direct and Indirect KPI’s.

An established professional, it was great to cover a variety of topics in this discussion.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Jack Ferguson.

2:20 What is Your Profit Xpert?

11:55 You’re a partner at CFO on Call, how does that work?

26:25 Do you remember a time when you first realised you wanted the career that you have had?

34:10 Have you always known you should be in Finance?

42:30 How long have you lived in Australia?

44:40 Did you notice a lot of cultural differences when you were living in different countries?

52:25 Do you think that people who have hobbies are better to deal with in Business?

1:06:50 What would you say to your younger self?


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