In Conversation with Zac Zahner, Managing Director of Effective Governance

In this episode, we talk to Zac Zahner, a man who has held many positions in the C-Suite and at Board Level.

This episode is a great insight into how competent governance plays a vital role in determining the ultimate success of a company. Zac talks about board experiences he has enjoyed and those that left him disappointed.

Having spent time working as CFO and other positions in the C-Suite, Zac has a wealth of knowledge. We think you will really enjoy his candor and good nature.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Nathan Smith.

2:35 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

3:35 How have you been affected by Covid-19?

5:20 Will your industry be affected by Covid-19 long term?

7:20 Did you find that businesses were ready with business continuity plans for Covid-19?

8:45 Where did your career start?

33:20 What was the next step that you took after the CFO job?

37:05 When did you know you should take the next step in your career?

52:30 After you went through a challenging experience on a board, how long did it take before you were ready to get back on a board again?


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