Nicky Lonergan, CEO of Archers

In this episode, we talk to Nicky Lonergan about her career and how she came to be CEO of Archers – The Strata Professionals.

Nicky talks us through her story of moving from a career in Finance to end up in a leadership role, her honest assessment of work-life balance, and her views on management.

Nicky shares some candid stories about how she moved industries and views her role as CEO now.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Amanda Campbell.

1:30 Why got you interested in working in Finance?

2:55 Did you sell rocks at a young age?

3:50 What was your first job?

7:40 What got you interested in insolvency?

11:00 How have you remained true to yourself throughout your career?

17:20 How important do you think soft skills are during negotiations?

23:50 How did you begin working in Strata?

26:00 What is Strata Management?

28:45 Was it a difficult move changing from insolvency to Strata?

31:55 What is one of your goals when it comes to people management?

37:40 How has the definition of success changed for you compared to when you started your career?

41:00 Do you push for work-life balance in your team?

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