Phil Cummins, CEO of the North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO)

Phil’s career involves working as an Accountant, moving overseas to work in investment banking, returning to Australia, buying a pub, and becoming the CEO of NAPCO. Phil details how he became the leader he is today and what each step in his career taught him. Full of rich stories, and a passion for business, Phil was a pleasure to interview and is fully deserving of the respect he holds within the Australian business community.

This episode is Co-Hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake,and Jack Ferguson.

1:40 What do you do at the moment?

2:00 What does the Australian Pastoral Company do?

2:35 Who do you sell to?

3:25 Where do most of your properties lie?

5:10 Where did you grow up?

7:15 Did you not see the point in school?

8:50 What was your first job?

13:55 When did you feel like you wanted to move on from your first Accounting Job?

20:10 What was so different about working in the US?

21:00 What was San Francisco like in the late 90’s?

23:20 How did you evolve into the next stage of professional?

27:00 What was the cultural gap like between Australia and America?

27:50 What was the reasoning behind coming back to Australia?

30:30 What is QIC?

31:50 How did you get a job working with QIC?

33:50 Is it stressful to manage billions of dollars?

35:20 What are your thoughts around the ethics of managing other people’s money?

37:20 Can you tell us about the time you bought a pub?

40:20 What else contributed to the reasoning behind building a pub?

46:50 What were the first couple of weeks like running the pub?

47:50 What was the reasoning for coming back to Brisbane to work back at QIC?

49:35 Can you tell us about how you went from working at QIC to being the CEO you are today?

54:05 How did you start off as Chairperson?

55:35 What do you see as the difference between yourself and a full time CEO?

57:50 How would you approach your role as Chairperson vs your role as CEO?

61:20 How do you communicate to the board what is happening in the company?

62:50 When you look back on your career, what are the key mindsets and skills that you have developed to become a CEO today?

66:20 What is the goal for your company over the next 3-5 years?

68:50 How has the media attention on Climate Change impacted your decision making?


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