Today’s Guest is Brendt Munro, Director of Altor Capital

Today we are talking to Brendt Munro, Director of Altor Capital.

In this episode we talk about the way Accountants should speak to clients to add the most value.

Sacred cows are discussed and Brendt discusses his thoughts around the importance of addressing them for business growth.

His thoughts on leadership were interesting and our favourite quote was when he said ‘Leadership is taking people on a journey they want to be on.’

This episode was co-hosted by BRISCA Managing Director Sumith Dissanayake, and Amanda Campbell.

1:30 What drew you to the world of finance and accounting?

5:30 Did you start your career in advisory?

11:10 When did you decide to head out on your own?

12:30 Were you fearful going out on your own?

15:00 How did your own businesses growth look?

19:05 How important is it to talk about the

30:20 What was it like when your practice became part of PWC?

31:45 How did you take your employees on the journey during a sale?

32:50 How did you decide what you were going to do after PWC?

34:40 How have you approached your personal development over the years?

37:20 You hold many Director roles, do you prefer that to day to day work in a business?

41:05 Do you enjoy the speaking circuit?

43:00 Would you advise Accountants to do as many presentations as possible?

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